#CCCSEE, another powerhouse behind #EFWeek2020

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October 16th to 25th, 2020 is EFWeek, a ten day celebration committed to the development of the freelance ecosystem in Europe. #EFWeek takes place for a fifth year, and 2020 sees the event transforming into a digital unconference, bringing 11 European countries together.

#EFWeek is specifically created to offer independent professionals and coworking spaces across the globe the means to join together to improve their independent careers through learning, skill-sharing, networking, and political action. 

Adding to the growing list of impressive #EFWeek2020 partners, Coworking and Coliving Conference South East Europe 2020, joins the celebration. Our partners form the infrastructure for the future of work, supporting the freelancers and businesses they work with in creating a future we want to return to.

“#CCCSEE and #EFWeek is an opportunity for remote workers, entrepreneurs, coworking spaces and coliving operators to network and problem solve, while setting a new benchmark worldwide. Following the wave of changes the Coronavirus has set in motion, it is exciting to gather together, gain inspiration from those who have excelled during this time and a chance to support and provide solutions to those who face ongoing challenges,” says  Miroslav Mijatov, founder and project leader of #CCCSEE.

Coworking and Coliving Conference South East Europe 2020 will be a digital event and it will take place on October 22nd at 11:00am CET zone with an impressive line-up of speakers from around the globe. Topics around coworking and coliving, remote work, digital nomadism, women entrepreneurship, freelance, innovations, and startups are on the agenda for the 2020 leg of #CCCSEE. Two hours of the online get-together will be live-streamed with some pre-recorded keynotes, live Q&A, two panels and one live discussion. The event will be free of charge with a registration link to access here. Donations and support is welcomed.

#EFWeek bridges the gap between independent professionals who are isolated and shows them better options for working and collaboration in coworking spaces. It showcases trends and uncovers burning issues, while showcasing talent and the ecosystems available through innovative new technologies.

Find out more about #EFWeek here.

Find out more about Coworking and Coliving Conference South East Europe 2020.

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