Tech in the time of crisis

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Freelancing is a career choice that differs from many traditional professions. You can work all times of the day, from your smartphone or laptop, and have a plethora of apps and resources that you rely on daily. But when the going gets tough, the tough get going… 

There are some innovative companies out there who have developed apps designed specifically for your on-the-go lifestyle. Aimed at improving your time and work experience, they can be total lifesavers amid times of uncertainty. Let’s explore some of these indispensable platforms:

The value of time

Toggl: Find the true value of your time. This app allows you to track the time you spend on tasks during your day. As easy as hitting ‘play’ and ‘stop’, it analyses your week and gives you a clear indication of time spent on projects and billing per client – an interesting comparison. Check out this review.

Capacity management

Cushion: An app built by freelancers, offers a bird’s eye view of your diary and the availability to take more assignments. It also acts as a financial goal monitor, to keep you on track for a constant flow of income. They offer a 30-day trial too.

Connected Apps

Zapier: Connects apps to work smarter together. There are three steps required to automate certain tasks in your day to create a chain reaction of streamlined activities. Here’s a quick overview of how it works.

Bringing comms together

Slack: Connects multiple people to multiple projects into one channel of communication. Streamline all communication and never lose track of the conversation. Here are some more basics around the platform.

Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. What about gathering information relevant to your industry? It not only helps to understand your environment but also for you to perform better when you’re feeling empowered. There are two great platforms that our friends at the European Coworking Assembly are actively working on to bring freelancers and the greater coworking community together:

Crisis Directory: A network of contributors adding Covid-19 crisis resources. Upload or browse relevant resources from financial aid programs and offers of mutual help from the community to navigate the storm. Find a resource here.

Coworking Library: An online database of all coworking research. It acts as a hub to forge the way forward in coworking spaces. Co-workers are welcome to upload a resource here.

It is critical that while you understand and automate your work-life, that you understand your body and take care of your personal life. So, what about tech developments for your wellbeing? There are those too… 

Pzizz: A sleep and nap app (we like the sound of this) that creates dreamscapes for overall improvement in sleeping patterns. A collaboration of science, music and technology. Learn more about it. 

Asana Rebel: A lifestyle app that looks at mind, body and soul. Quizzes, music and exercises to keep you on form, and help you perform. Consider testing it out for yourself.

Moodpath: Monitor your emotional state and move towards a positive place of well-being. Get snapshots, reports and updates on your moods and reference resources on how to better them. Read up more about the science behind it.

Technology has become more powerful and more valuable during times of crisis. It’s time to embrace the advantages that it offers but be cautioned against spending too much unproductive time here too. Balance is key!

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