#EFWeek 2016 Supporters

We made it possible because of them

Heroes of Europen Freelancers Week

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National Coordinators

Promoting EFW and Organizing Events

In-kind Donor

Francesca Pesce

Rome, Italy

Financial Translater

In-kind Donor

Matija Raos

Zagreb, Croatia

Creative Strategist and Product Developer

In-kind Donor

Joel Dullroy

Berlin, Germany

Journalist and Grant Writer

In-kind Donor

Marija Raos Fitzhugh

Nashville, TN

OD Consultant and Trainer

In-kind Donor

Amanda Gray

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Writer and Content Developer

In-kind Donor

Stefano Borghi Cartier

Paris, France


In-kind Donor

Marco Torregrossa

Brussels, Belgium

EU Affairs Expert

In-kind Donor

Louise Beduwe

Den Haag, Netherlands

Director PZO-ZZP

Hrvatsko društvo nezavisnih profesionalaca #EFW16

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