The Write Club

The Write Club

October 20, 9:30 am – October 20, 11:30 am | Meetup in London, United Kingdom

This event’s focus is Inspiration. Event has No entrance fee with RSVP [ Entrance fee: 0 € ] and it will be held at @Work Hubs, London, United Kingdom.

Stuck on inspiration or time to write, love writing and want work alone together?
This group is the place for anyone who writes, whether that is a blog, content, websites, stories, books in fact any kind of writing. Often the challenge is to find a focused block of time to make this happen. Ideal for bloggers, content marketers, writers, copywriters, and authors. All you need to bring is your laptop or typewriter, we'll provide the rest as in tea, coffee, super fast wi-fi and other like-minded people to be around and to get inspiration from. Our weekly Write Club 'Deep Work' is ideal for anyone who writes and needs a block of time to write and gain the inspiration from being around other writers.

The group meets every Thursday at @Work Hubs, a coworking community right by Euston Station.

This is how we roll:
9.30 - brief introduction and sharing with group your planned writing
9.45 - 11.15 - focused period of 'deep work' on your planned writing.
11.15 - group review of people's progress.

- Tea, coffee, water and super fast internet provided
- Healthy snacks
- No charge
- Bring your own laptop or typewriter

For more information visit The Write Club or get in touch with the Event organizer .

Event Program:

#EFW16 local event
#EFW16 local organizer

Philip Dodson

I'm the founder of @Work Hubs, Euston Street's No1 coworking community. I am a blogger, content creator, podcaster, mentor, and speaker. Oh occasionally do a bit of art, photography, and colouring-in.

For more information visit Philip Dodson .

#EFW16 local venue

@Work Hubs

Euston Street's No1 Coworking space, just a 1-minute walk from Euston Station.
It is a community of freelancers, start-ups and small businesses.

For more information visit @Work Hubs .

Event is realized by

European Freelancers Week
European Freelancers Week
#EFWeek is the world’s largest annual celebration of independent work aimed at empowering self-organizing of the self-employed. It is carried out as a series of independent local events held under a common branding in different European countries in mid-October. It has an inclusive, crowdsourced and decentralized format so anyone can participate.

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