St. Oberholz Friday Afternoon Coffee: Freelancing meets Coworking

St. Oberholz Friday Afternoon Coffee: Freelancing meets Coworking

October 21, 3:00 pm – October 21, 5:00 pm | Meetup in Berlin, Germany

This event’s focus is Inspiration. Event has No entrance fee with RSVP [ Entrance fee: 0 € ] and it will be held at St. Oberholz Coffee Lab, Berlin, Germany.

Coworking is known to have numerous benefits, from alleviating isolation for remote workers, to creating job opportunities and placing value on human connection. Users often state that they feel healthier and happier when working from a Coworking space, as they have more professional and personal autonomy, in addition to their work and overall relationships becoming more meaningful.

But (and it is a big but) even the coolest Coworking Space can be the wrong place for yourself. This is why it's so important to find the right one for you. Our invited speakers will introduce you to the difference between a good, a bad and an ugly coworking space, so that you can get a better feeling what you should care about when you choose a coworking space for your freelancing activities.

Speakers list:
– Benno Dopjans | Freelancer & Coworker
– Katy Zühlke | Head of Coworking & Community, Betahaus Berlin
– Tobias Schwarz | Coworking Manager, St. Oberholz
– Philipp Hentschel | Founder, Welance

For more information visit St. Oberholz Friday Afternoon Coffee: Freelancing meets Coworking or get in touch with the Event organizer .

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#EFW16 local organizer

St. Oberholz

The St. Oberholz is a Bar, Coworking Space, Apartment Rental and Publishing House in Berlin. Coworking at St. Oberholz means Heterogeneity and easy access. Plug and play. We see ourselves as priests of the power of possible. Our prayer: the heterotopia of place and space. Place and space are essential and stories are a source of inspiration: at two of our three café locations, we have taken the old and infused it with the new to create places that house coworking spaces, team rooms and apartments.

For more information visit St. Oberholz .

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St. Oberholz Coffee Lab

Our latest addition to the St. Oberholz family was opened in 2015 and is located only two blocks away from Rosenthaler Platz. It is physically and conceptually a true extension of the St. Oberholz at Rosenthaler Platz. You’ll get great views of Torstraße from here, too – but from a completely different perspective. You’ll also find our specialty coffee in the café on the ground floor, along with coworking spaces for members, team rooms, conference rooms and apartments located above. Coworkers may use both the Zehdenicker and Rosenthaler locations.

For more information visit St. Oberholz Coffee Lab .

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European Freelancers Week
European Freelancers Week
#EFWeek is the world’s largest annual celebration of independent work aimed at empowering self-organizing of the self-employed. It is carried out as a series of independent local events held under a common branding in different European countries in mid-October. It has an inclusive, crowdsourced and decentralized format so anyone can participate.

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