October 20, 9:30 am – October 20, 6:00 pm | Conference in Warsaw, Poland

This event’s focus is Discussion. Event has Entrance fee (presale) [ Entrance fee: 12 € ] and it will be held at Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw, Poland.

First Conference of Self-employed and Freelancers in Warsaw School of Economics.
III Panels:
I Panel - The role of self-employment and Freelancing for the national economy (scientific panel)
II Panel - About legal regulations in Poland
III Panel - Education and networking (How to get funding for the development of freelancers' activities )

For more information visit iConference or get in touch with the Event organizer .

Event Program:

#EFW16 local event
#EFW16 local organizer

Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) & Stowarzyszenie Samozatrudnieni

The Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) is the oldest university of economics in Poland. Its mission has continuously been educating economists and business leaders serving the nation, country and the region.

Association for Self-employed and Freelancers was established in 2014. We would like to work on the improvement of conditions of the self- employed and freelancer professionals activity in Poland.

#EFW16 local venue

Warsaw School of Economics

Building C
Warsaw, Al. Niepodległości 128, Aula I

For more information visit Warsaw School of Economics .

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European Freelancers Week
European Freelancers Week
#EFWeek is the world’s largest annual celebration of independent work aimed at empowering self-organizing of the self-employed. It is carried out as a series of independent local events held under a common branding in different European countries in mid-October. It has an inclusive, crowdsourced and decentralized format so anyone can participate.

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