Intangible Bridges

Intangible Bridges

October 20, 8:00 pm – October 20, 9:10 pm | Artistic performance in Zagreb, Croatia

This event’s focus is Entertainment. Event has Entrance fee (at the event) [ Entrance fee: 5 € ] and it will be held at Zagreb Youth Theatre, Zagreb, Croatia.

Roberto Olivan’s dance pieces reflect the choreographer’s unusual perception of dance and his need to bring it into dialogue with other artistic genres. That is why his works often incorporate elements of contemporary circus, drama theatre and various other artistic disciplines. Intangible Bridges lead the viewer into private micro-universes of the performers, in which their personal and professional experiences interlace, their ambitions meet with obstacles. Fragments of their life stories are connected by intangible threads they are not always aware of, but these threads inexplicably determine their course of action. These threads, these intangible bridges, help us realize that despite our differences we all need each other in order to be ourselves again. Using non-verbal theatre and the language of contemporary dance, Intangible Bridges is a puzzle which reveals interrelations and ties between six stories and six different personalities

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Zagreb Dance Company

A renowned contemporary dance company, Zagreb Dance Company has since its foundation remained uncompromising in its particular artistic expression. Zagreb Dance Company has educated a number of dancers and dance experts who are now working in Croatia and abroad. The Company has an enviable continuity of its work, and has performed at all important festivals in Croatia and in all big theatre houses.
Zagreb Dance Company has earned its reputation with the originality of its productions which are characterised by the performative energy and the unique readiness to face the challenges of different artistic approaches and poetics. Besides insisting on cooperation with the established artists from the fields of theatre, visual arts and fashion, the important part of the work of the Company is opening up of the space for a new way of thinking about dance, the space for investigation which puts emphasis not only on the productions themselves, but also on the process of work and education of the dancers.

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Zagreb Youth Theatre

The Zagreb Youth Theater is a modern, prestigious theater hand in hand with recent European trends in performing arts, recognized and respected outside the Croatian borders as well. Multidirectional programming guidelines, an experienced and agile ensemble, the College as the core of future professionals and theater-conscious audience, openness to projects of the non-institutional scene, and a preference for exploring and various interlacings of genre make it a special and important junction on the Croatian theater map. By networking with a number of international organizations, supporting hostings, and participating in co-productions, the ZKM Theater has established its position in the European theater space as well. In a wider cultural context, it enables the conditions for the development of various artistic practices, encourages creativity and cultural and spiritual enrichment, recognizes positive social values, and impacts their growth.

For more information visit Zagreb Youth Theatre .

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European Freelancers Week
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