Freelancer Breakfast: What’s your value?

Freelancer Breakfast: What’s your value?

October 20, 10:00 am – October 20, 12:00 pm | Meetup in London, United Kingdom

This event’s focus is Discussion. Event has No entrance fee with RSVP [ Entrance fee: 0 € ] and it will be held at Huckletree Shoreditch, London, United Kingdom.

Freelancer Breakfast is a regular monthly event where freelancers and small consultancy teams can get together, share their challenges, and offer up experiences and ideas on how to overcome bumps in the road. This month we will be discussing pricing and attempt to answer the following questions:
- What is the right pricing model for your services?
- What is the "right price" to quote for a fixed price project?
- Is your price too high?
- Are you selling yourself too cheaply?
- Should you just offer the same rate as your competitors?

In many ways, these are the wrong questions. Identifying your value to your client is key. If you're charging a client an hourly rate, and during a five-minute phone call you offer a piece of advice that saves them thousands, does the £15 they pay you for that call really reflect the value offered? Join us for coffee and breakfast to explore some of these issues further.

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Huckletree is one of London's fastest growing coworking communities. It is built on the premise that the Google and Facebook office model should be available to everyone, no matter whether they work for a large tech business or as a freelancer. We realised the best way to stay inspired and motivated was to surround ourselves with people like us, people who know there's always something new to discover, to create. And so we've been building shared workspaces for a diverse mix of ambitious people like entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and creatives. These are people who don't settle for average. We call them The Curious.

For more information visit Huckletree .

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Huckletree Shoreditch

Huckletree Shoreditch shared office space is positioned at the very heart of London’s innovation centre and within the iconic Alphabeta Building, where Silicon Roundabout meets Shoreditch and the City. The space has four beautifully designed meeting rooms, a classroom for forty where our members can learn to code or join in a yoga session, and one of the most popular event spaces in London. Each zone within the Shoreditch space enjoys its own vibe. Whether your mood sees at working at your desk or from the conversation pit, in the library or in one of the outdoor spaces, Shoreditch has you covered.

For more information visit Huckletree Shoreditch .

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#EFWeek is the world’s largest annual celebration of independent work aimed at empowering self-organizing of the self-employed. It is carried out as a series of independent local events held under a common branding in different European countries in mid-October. It has an inclusive, crowdsourced and decentralized format so anyone can participate.

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