Freelance Day

Freelance Day

October 22, 9:30 am – October 22, 6:30 pm | Festival in Torino, Italy

This event’s focus is Discussion. Event has No entrance fee and no RSVP [ Entrance fee: 0 € ] and it will be held at Toolbox Coworking, Torino, Italy.

For the third year, Toolbox Coworking and ACTA joined forces to the only Freelance Day in Italy, a whole day dedicated to the independent work. A free 10-hour non-stop event made of: 25 peer-to-peer talks about money management, legal issues, and self-promotion to empower freelancers through sharing one’s knowledge with the others; 3 hands-on workshops about business planning, business networks and communication; 12 face-to-face help booths for quick assessments and suggestions; one plenary session on freelancer unions, maternity leave, and rights for independent workers; a networking event to know like-minded people and get stronger, together.

For more information visit Freelance Day or get in touch with the Event organizer .

Event Program:

#EFW16 local event
#EFW16 local organizer

ACTA and Toolbox Coworking

Acta è la prima associazione costituita in Italia per dare voce ai professionisti indipendenti: formatori, ricercatori, informatici, creativi, che lavorano al di fuori di Ordini e Albi professionali e che hanno per clienti imprese o enti pubblici. Nasce dall’iniziativa di un gruppo di professionisti, è politicamente indipendente e si propone di colmare un vuoto nella rappresentanza del mondo del lavoro. Le nostre proposte non rientrano in una logica corporativa, ma sono principalmente richieste di equità, di riforme per l’eliminazione di discriminazioni e l’estensione di diritti che dovrebbero essere universali tra lavoratori.

For more information visit ACTA and Toolbox Coworking .

#EFW16 local venue

Toolbox Coworking

A creative hub for work, a coworking ecosystem connecting people and communities, a 300-people community of freelancers, startups and small business hosting over 300 events a year such as workshops, talks, meetups and special events, a multicentered structure hosting different communities willing to share and mix their own knowledge and skills with the others: Fablab Torino, a digital fabrication lab and makerspace; Print Club Torino, a print and graphic lab to experiment with digital and hand-made skills; Casa Jasmina, a real-world testbed for IoT projects; digifabTURINg, a research cluster focused on digital fabrication and robotic automation in architecture and art.

For more information visit Toolbox Coworking .

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European Freelancers Week
European Freelancers Week
#EFWeek is the world’s largest annual celebration of independent work aimed at empowering self-organizing of the self-employed. It is carried out as a series of independent local events held under a common branding in different European countries in mid-October. It has an inclusive, crowdsourced and decentralized format so anyone can participate.

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